Today was such a productive day for our team of six at Padre Martinhos- our liaison said we were working at “warp speed” today. Katie and Amy began their day by going over all of the donations we brought with Hermano Juan- the director of the orphanage.

Katie then worked with two boys on their oral motor skills, observed their feedings, and calculated how much food each child eating via a feeding pump should be receiving. Jenny, the physical therapist, worked on positioning for a young man named Becker, trying to make him more comfortable, and finding a second position he could be in besides lying in his bed.

She worked on wheelchairs and fitted AFO’s for some other residents. Melissa helped photograph positions so we can leave visual reminders for the nannies, helped calculate feeding amounts, and photographed everyone else’s work. Amy spent the morning working with Moises to teach him how to identify and write the letters of the Spanish alphabet.

The afternoon was spent going through the toys and therapeutic equipment that already exists at Padre Martinhos with Trisha. The ladies brainstormed how to present these resources to volunteers that come in to the home and desire to do something interactive and beneficial for the children. Trisha’s morning included working with the two babies and joining Majesca for music time. Majesca did a small, three person music group to start the day, then worked with individuals for the rest of our time at Padre Martinhos. Some team highlights included how receptive and excited the Peruvian Physical Therapist was to us, our ideas, and our equipment, getting some awesome smiles and giggles, and learning how to fix a hydraulic wheelchair!