To be known

Today was our last day in Ecuador. We were able to return to the orphanage to give a presentation to the tias, therapists, and staff. Bessie talked about music therapy and prompting levels, Amy covered presumed competency and executive functioning, and Suzie modeled all types of transfers to help save the tias from all of

Seeing a beautiful country

Since today is Sunday, the tias and children got a break from us crazy therapists and we got to see some wonderful Ecuadorian landscape. We were in a town called Baños, known for waterfalls, trolls, and sugarcane. We took a four-ish hour double decker bus tour to see various waterfalls (and get wet from said

Maybe not a fun Friday

Today was a "go go go" day and we hit the ground running. The orphanage had the BRIGHT therapists teamed with their therapists and had a list of children they were hoping to have assessed. The therapists ran anywhere between 2 to 5 assessments in the morning and 2-6 assessments in the afternoon. Kimberly and

Adventures to Latacunga

We said "Adios" to the children living in Quito this morning and drove a few hours to Latacunga. We made a quick stop for a photo op where the team found some workout equipment overlooking southern Quito. We took advantage of that! Once we arrived in Latacunga, we got to settle into our rooms and

The team is together!

Friends and family, followers and supporters, After many, MANY hiccups, all 9 team members have arrived on Ecuadorian soil. I won't extrapolate on what it took to get us all here, but most of us (with the exception of Kimberly) had our first day of work today. It went swimmingly. Kimberly, our Aqua therapist was

Meet the Team

Meet the Team - Ecuador 2022 Bessie Barth, Board Certified Music Therapist Bessie is a Board Certified Music Therapist who completed her Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy at Willamette University in 1996.  She completed her internship at Welborn Baptist Hospital in Evansville, Indiana.  Bessie worked with both adults with intellectual disabilities

Back in the saddle again!

BRIGHT is excited to be able to resume our work internationally after a two year break! BRIGHT will be returning to For His Children in Latacunga, Ecuador to work in the orphanage for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and orthopedic impairments. Our team will provide assessments, training with care providers and professionals, direct work with

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