Seventh trip in the bag!

Ladies and Gents, that's a wrap; we've made it to the end of the week. Everyone is tired, but fulfilled, AND WET! We had a torrential downpour here for a couple hours, but luckily, everything is packed and dry. Kimberly trained Harvey on his water therapy skills, and he passed with flying colors. The rest

Keep on Truckin’

The week is winding down and closure is beginning. The Kelly's House team helped organized the physical therapy room to make it easier for the Kelly's House PT to do her job. Bekki created c-splints (tools to keep ones hand open) for all the residents. Katie and Marci assessed the older kids and created academic

La Fiesta!

Wednesday proved to be another successfully exhausting day.  The mild/moderate team was able to meet with four families in the village of transformation to discuss the progress and concerns of their adopted children. All of these families were ones that had concerns last year, and it was amazing to see the amount of positive change

Our first day at work

The team members were able to get started at their work today in their respective areas. Everyone was excited to begin working and is looking forward to seeing what the week has to offer. The Kelly's House team was able to begin multidisciplinary assessments with kids with moderate to severe disabilities. Bekki was able to

Sunday Funday!

Hola mis amigos. We have had a wonderfully productive day here at Hope of Life in Zacapa, Guatemala. This morning after breakfast, we went to church in the village with the local families. We were able to come back to Hope of Life for lunch and then a tour of the 3000 acre compound. The

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