Full of tears Friday

Well, that's it. We worked our last day at Padre Martinho's Orphanage here in Lima, Peru. At dinner, we went around and shared our highlight of the day, and one of our favorite things we witnessed from a team member. Katie was praised for her knowledge and dedication to learning and teaching the nannies how

Tough it out Thursday

We are fast approaching the end of the week! We are down to the nitty gritty of getting supplies and suggestions in order so when we depart, the work can continue. Amy spent the entire day writing out everyone's suggestions of activities that could be done with each child, and then getting it translated. Throughout

Work day Wednesday

Everyone hit their mid-week sleepy point today, right on schedule. We continued where we left off yesterday and really felt accomplished. Jenny did a lot of work with the Hoyer lift, getting directions translated and printed for the staff, and training them all on how to use it. Katie spent her day using the feeding

Tuesday was a treat!

Happy Tuesday! It rained here in Lima today, and we were able to take a stroll in the drizzle, as we walked to and from the orphanage to save on transportation costs. Today's therapy felt a bit like the weather, slow and steady. Our PT worked on demonstrating and testing the hoyer lift, first with

Marvelous Monday

Today was such a productive day for our team of six at Padre Martinhos- our liaison said we were working at "warp speed" today. Katie and Amy began their day by going over all of the donations we brought with Hermano Juan- the director of the orphanage. Katie then worked with two boys on their

What a wonderful weekend!

Hello BRIGHT Supporters! We are wrapping up our weekend here in Lima, and wanted to take a few moments to let you know what we've been up to down here in the southern hemisphere. Our plane landed safely around 6am yesterday (Saturday), and after a leisurely breakfast, we went straight to Padre Martinhos. The

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