Haiti: Day Three – Discovering Haiti

Sunday morning greeted us with the same rooster that had woken me up each morning since our arrival. I asked our host 'mom' if we could have rooster for dinner, but this was apparently not heeded. We got dressed and joined the children at the orphanage for their Sunday morning service. They had already

Haiti: Day Two – Extending a Hand

Dan, the President of Faith Mission International and one of our team members, had been made aware of a specific orphanage in Port-Au-Prince. We spent the morning visiting with them and learning about their predicament.The man who ran the orphanage was a pastor, and he had accumulated 30 children before the earthquake in 2010. The

Haiti: Day 1 – Meeting the Children

Despite the hurricane weather, the Haiti team made it into the country safe and on time with the exception of two members from Nashville who flew in Friday morning. We organized our donations and instruments, and slept well Thursday night. Everyone was excited on Friday morning to pile into the back of a caged

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