Everyone hit their mid-week sleepy point today, right on schedule. We continued where we left off yesterday and really felt accomplished. Jenny did a lot of work with the Hoyer lift, getting directions translated and printed for the staff, and training them all on how to use it.

Katie spent her day using the feeding pumps with the kids and then training the nannies on how to implement a feeding schedule and work the pumps.

She also co-treated with Amy to work with Renzo. They were able to do some academic based experiences, and work on intentional communication with yes/no head switches.

Amy also spent her afternoon with Majesca writing info sheets on each kid with suggestions of experiences and activities that nannies and volunteers can implement. Majesca ran music with more kids today, and was able to spend some time with Esperanza who thoroughly enjoyed playing the xylophone.

Trisha worked on cooperative play this morning with Sebastian and Alexandra. Melissa ran around like a pollo with a head cut off. She got to be an RN for a bit today, as a tooth abscessed in Sebastian’s mouth and required a prescription for antibiotics. She walked to the local pharmacy and got the correct medication for him. We might be small, but we are mighty!