Day 4: Escuela Havila

Friday was chaos. Sometimes, language barriers make for interesting communication. The team was getting close to exhaustion, and 150 students were needing our attention. The nine team members (Cori not included) set up their own station and the nine groups of children (two preschool classrooms and one classroom for k-6th grade) rotated through them every

Day 3: Tesoros

Our morning at Tesoros de Dios was spent presenting to the staff (teachers, therapists, and administration) on each discipline. We started with Amy, who gave a presentation on implementing a reading program. Next was PT Pam. She gave a presentation on Cerebral Palsy and how the staff can talk to the parents of children

Tesoros De Dios, Dia Dos

The children at Tesoros can only come to school two days a week, because Tesoros does not have enough staff to help all 90 children in the program simultaneously. Because of this, we saw new children today (Wednesday) than we did on Tuesday. This means more assessments and observations. We are sitting here again

Day 2: New Life Nicaragua

All of today was spent at New Life with lots of therapy, rotating children, and staff training. We began by dividing the children into three groups by age. The babies (8 months and younger) and their staff went with Ronit, Trisha, and Angie to learn infant massage techniques. The five and six year olds

Day 1: New Life Nicaragua

Our first blog post since we landed! We are finally able to get internet, and so we will take a few moments to share with you what our Sunday looked like. We went to church today at "Verbos" church. The service began with no power (which means no worship or air conditioning) and continued with

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