Well, that’s it. We worked our last day at Padre Martinho’s Orphanage here in Lima, Peru. At dinner, we went around and shared our highlight of the day, and one of our favorite things we witnessed from a team member. Katie was praised for her knowledge and dedication to learning and teaching the nannies how to run the feeding pumps. Melissa was recognized for always being willing to be where she was needed to be, to take the photo we wanted her to take, and being flexible. Jenny completed a wheelchair for Alexandra, and that was definitely a favorite moment, as Alexandra smiled and laughed when they finally put her in it. Amy was commended for her unique and well thought out special education activities.

Majesca applauded the entire team for working so hard at their “real jobs,” and was admired for her knowledge and application of the Spanish language, and what that did to remove barriers between herself and the kids. We feel confident that 98% of what we came to do was accomplished, so we leave feeling grateful, satisfied, and joyful. We were given sweet gifts from Padre Martinho’s, including a home made fruit salad, home made coffee mugs, and home made bracelets by Luicia.

Lisa, our liaison, was moved to tears by the joy we brought to the house, and labeled it as a much needed “reset.” God’s timing is perfect timing! We leave a bit of our hearts with these children, as always.

(final product- bag hanging by each bed with a profile and any specific toys/materials assigned to that child)