About Our Mission

BRIGHT Children International is dedicated to helping children with special needs reach their potential and is committed to supporting their families and care providers through education and support.

BRIGHT Children International is dedicated to helping children with disabilities throughout the planet. There are often stigmas associated with raising a child with disabilities, and in many countries, these children are abandoned or sent to orphanages. Birth families who choose to raise their children with disabilities do not have governmental support in many areas around the world.

BRIGHT Children International is committed to the education and support of birth families and orphanage care providers, and provides training and assistance on how to incorporate therapeutic techniques that encourage development of children with disabilities.

The organization also supplies consultative individual and group services from professionals, such as Music Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Educators, and medical personnel. Each professional donates equipment and materials that families and care providers can utilize.

BRIGHT Children International partners with adoption agencies that are familiar with the legitimate orphanages throughout the world and the various governmental issues that are unique to each country.

A young girl and a caregiver sitting close together with smiles on their faces while reading a book.
A young boy sitting and playing on a red scooter board.
A young man laying in a bed listening to a young woman providing music therapy, playing her guitar, holding an ocean drum, and singing.
A young girl with two pigtails and holding a balloon animal, smiling.

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