Final Friday

Today was our final morning at For His Children.  Pam finished up one more wheelchair reconfiguration and adjusted feeding chairs to be more effective for the younger children.  Megan and Barbara posted the Steps to Rolling and Floor Time visuals in the baby rooms and assembled a floor time mat.  Harvey, Michaell, and Noelia finished

Tiring Thursday

Today was the day to finish all outstanding projects around the facility and complete assessment reports and individual activity cards for each child to be posted for the Tias and future volunteers.  Progress was slowed when Pam was hit by the stomach bug so she rested much of the day. While some were writing reports

Working and Workshop Wednesday

Our team was a group of worker bees today.  Tia training workshop was scheduled for this afternoon so there was much time spent in the morning preparing handouts, pictures, and putting together equipment for the workshop. Angie and Kris did massage with three of the older non-ambulatory individuals with the Latacunga FHC supervisor and a

Traumatic to Terrific Tuesday

This morning began with a start when team members were awoken by the translators saying that Harvey fell in the shower.  When he fell, he fell and hit his rib and heard a snap.  The ambulance came quickly and the hospital was quick, amazing, and respectful.  Harvey and Michaell said that the experience was much

Sensational Sunday

Our team started the morning with pancakes before heading to church.  The church that volunteers usually attend recently closed down so it was decided that we would attend our driver's church.  Unfortunately, it meant arriving 1.5 hours in to the service but we were able to hear the sermon and meet many of the church

Successful Saturday

Today was a busy day for the team.  We divided and conquered to begin assessing in the morning. Pam and Harvey assessed three children and took notes to produce a report for each individual that will create goals and recommendations. Barbara, Megan, and Noelia did assessments on four individuals all of whom were very responsive

First Friday

Thursday was a VERY long day of travel, where we finally arrived in Quito at 3:00am this morning. Our day started with the entire team being united, 3 translators from Nicaragua and 8 from the United States.  We traveled to Latacunga from Quito to arrive at For His Children.  The team got to get a

Thrombosis Risking Thursday

We realized we never posted about our travels... Thursday, July 12, we spent way too much time in planes, trains, and automobiles.  We left the Taylor home in San Francisco at 3:15am, dropped the team off at the terminal and returned the rental van.  6:55am flight with an arrival at 1:15pm. Then the hours, upon

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