August 7th: El Fin… No Mas… Adios…

Today's presentations were a success in our book. Two trainings were provided (same presentation twice) to the foster moms, nannies, directors, etc. from Hope of Life. We spoke to 35 attendees in the morning, and 15 in the afternoon. They fully participated, asked great questions, and were incredibly grateful for the resources and donations they

August 6th: Finishing Strong

Let's be honest. By Thursday, team members are exhausted, translators are exhausted, and the children are exhausted. We have given our all, and the children have worked HARD the last few days. Today was a day to keep the momentum and progress going from yesterday. Kimberly, the aqua therapist, was able to see some children

August 5th: Making headway

Today was a whirlwind of a day. Therapists went to work in the morning at their respective locations, followed by a quick lunch and a trip to the local dump. Mothers with their children work in the dump, collecting recyclables to make money. Hope of Life brings lunch to these families on Monday, Wednesday, and

August 4th: Things are getting real

I can't communicate everything that the amazing BRIGHT team did today, but I will certainly try and communicate the highlights. First, Kimberly was able to take NINETEEN children in the pool today, in cooperation with the resident therapist (this is huge). The therapist expressed interest in learning the water therapy techniques and is bringing her

August 3rd: Day one assessing and beginnings

The plan of action for today was to divide and conquer. We spent time in four different areas of the compound simultaneously. Kelly's House, the home for children with special needs, had Bessie the Music Therapist, Michael the PT, along with Caitlin and Abby (assistance), Lorena the SLP, Amy S. the OT, Kimberly the aqua

August 2nd: Signing in from Guatemala!

Signing on from Guatemala! All travel plans ran smoothly on Friday and Saturday. After arriving in Guatemala city around 11pm on Friday, we headed to Hotel Barcelo and had a good night’s sleep. Saturday was spent traveling from Guatemala city to Zacapa and Hope of Life. The team was able to settle in, eat dinner, and

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