The end (New Life Nicaragua)

As I sit here leisurely, reminiscing over the last 10 days, I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that I will be in California tonight. We have been extremely busy, yet somehow completely relaxed during this trip. We are running on "Nica" time. There's no need to hurry or rush; no pressing

Colegio Cristiano Havilah

Today we went to a second school entitled Colegio Cristiano Havilah. We learned that the word "havilah" is from Genesis 2:11-12. Havilah is a place in the garden of Eden where gold and jewels are found. This is representative of how the children at this school are viewed; as precious jewels. The younger children attend

La Esparanza and Casa Havilah

What a day! After breakfast, we loaded up the van and headed to a school entitled La Esparanza. This school was originally located in the city dump, and educated the children living there. However, the Spanish government created a project (that was both a blessing and a curse to the school) that was going to

The Buzbees and Casa Robles

We had two locations to work with today, The Buzbee family and Casa Havilah.  The children in the Buzbee family have been adopted from extenuating circumstances including abandonment, abuse, and negative biological home lives.  With these adolescents, we worked on expression of feelings, sensory needs, and identifying techniques to assist them to be more successful

The Weekend

Because schools and institutions do not have students/visitors on the weekends, we have had some down time these past two days. We spent time on Saturday meeting new people and visiting with other Americans in Nicaragua. Yesterday, we met a missionary family from Florida that moved here about 5 weeks ago and is helping

Sor Maria Romero

What did you wake up to on Friday? We woke up to the ocean. No, I’m not on vacation but God’s beauty can be found in any situation. Even a sleep-deprived, humid one. We were up bright and early, (thanks to Bessie’s alarm clock still running on California time), and then up again to

Nicaragua Here We Come!

The boxes and bags are packed with donations and are all just under weight.  The guitar is safely in its TSA approved case so that it will make the trip and we have a reliable guitar.  We have gotten all of our shots, medications, and instructions for travel.  The schedule is worked through for a

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