Today began with nearly all team members heading back to Eternal Anchor’s school for kids with special needs. I was again asked to observe a student who is blind and give the teacher some ideas on what she can do when he becomes agitated. She then pulled this student and Roberto (from Monday) and did a small group with them to see their musical engagement and preferences. At 11:30 I went into a new classroom with seven boys (all around 6-8 years old) and did a music group with them. They really enjoyed the “treat” of music before lunch. Then it was off to “El Capitan,” the classroom from Monday for their music and sensory hour. After lunch, I was able to help out the teachers as needed, packing up the students so they could get on the bus and head home.

The team then headed over to the local high school where we will be presenting a conference for the new two days. We had much work to do, including cleaning gymnastic mats for the PT’s to demonstrate with, sidewalks to sweep, classrooms to clear of desks, cars of items to unload, and bathrooms to clean. It was a lot!

Luckily, this evening is about to be filled with toasted marshmallows around a campfire. Tomorrow starts bright and early at 6am, so we’ll call it a night soon. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.