Good morning, BRIGHT followers!

Sorry I didn’t get this post out last night- we got home very late and went straight to bed. Friday was day two of our conference for teachers and parents in the area. Flora, a retired superintendent from Indiana gave two presentations yesterday; a three hour session on reading intervention and a one hour session on math strategies. I gave a presentation helping to define music therapy, how it works, and how it can support students with special needs. It was well received with people taking notes, asking great questions, and sharing their personal experiences with the power of music. Elizabeth (our special education teacher) lead a session about how to use PECS (picture exchange communication system) and Deborah, one of the co-founders of Eternal Anchor, spent the last hour of the conference discussing how to advocate for your students when it comes to needs from the Mexican government. Because so much hard work was done on Thursday, we were able to clean up quickly and head out to the local bay to enjoy the view before dinner. Last night’s dinner included the team, the directors and the staff at Eternal Anchor. Each person was asked to share their highlight and their biggest challenge from the week. It was a great evening out with amazing food and even better company.


Today we have the pleasure of taking the children who live in the two children’s homes out to a pool party and pizza lunch! I am hoping to be able to snap some discreet enough pictures today to share with you all. Thank you to everyone who has supported this trip financially, through prayer, and/or through supporting my family while I am away. Progress was made in Mexico this week! Please continue to pray as we head out at 6am tomorrow morning to begin our trek back to the US. The border crossing is always a big unknown, so we’re hoping all goes smoothly and we make our flights.