Happy Taco Tuesday BRIGHT followers!

Today held an unexpected twist for Amy due to some “occupational hazard” tummy troubles. I started my day off at Casa Hogar with the young adults social group and their wonderful leader, Tere. She was hoping to get some ideas on how she can work with her students in regards to music therapy even though she doesn’t play an instrument. I demonstrated many ways to run a drum circle that would allow the students to work on their focus/attention, social skills, leadership capabilities and sharing/turn taking. In addition, I got to play BINGO, work on basic academic concepts with a young man with Down Syndrome, and doing the Macarena with some wonderful dancers.

I was then highly encouraged to come back to base camp and rest, since my energy level was really low. I complied with the team’s suggestion and rested, worked on documents for Roberto’s teacher, and wrote up the drum circle ideas for Tere. Team members are working on many materials for the conference we are presenting at the end of the week, so this will fill the remainder of the evening.

Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll hopefully get that taco tally up a little more in the next few days.