We realized we never posted about our travels…

Thursday, July 12, we spent way too much time in planes, trains, and automobiles.  We left the Taylor home in San Francisco at 3:15am, dropped the team off at the terminal and returned the rental van.  6:55am flight with an arrival at 1:15pm.

Then the hours, upon hours, upon hours in the 15 gate San Salvador airport.  It should be noted that they had many stores and restaurants including Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret.

However, all of us were very happy to depart.  We are not looking forward to the 7:00am-3:00pm layover in said airport on the return.  Our flight that should have arrived at 12:01 am finally made its very turbulent landing at 3:00am.

We went through customs, gathered our checked bags and finally found our host for the week, Nathy and the GINORMOUS bus.  We finally got to our hotel at 3:30am rounding out a 24 hour day of travel.  Too many hours of sitting could have caused the entire team thrombosis.  We all survived and quickly fell asleep.