Our team was a group of worker bees today.  Tia training workshop was scheduled for this afternoon so there was much time spent in the morning preparing handouts, pictures, and putting together equipment for the workshop.

Angie and Kris did massage with three of the older non-ambulatory individuals with the Latacunga FHC supervisor and a Tia.  Everyone loved it and V ended up snoring and fully extended and relaxed.

Pam and Harvey spent the morning working with Paula, FHC’s PT, setting up a new seating system for one of the younger kiddos.  They worked with Paula to devise a schedule where all children can be seen weekly in either individual or a group setting to get their needs met. They also adjusted another child’s gait trainer so that it is much more appropriate for getting him to truly ambulatory.  Paula has greatly appreciated all of Pam’s input so she bought her new crocs to match hers.

Barbara adapted a jacket to become a weighted vest for the older kids.  Team members also put together some weighted socks to be used for OT and PT.  Megan and Barbara also put together deep pressure and brushing protocols.

Bessie spent the morning putting together visuals of the names of the instruments and how each can be used.  She also helped print and prep the rest of the team’s materials.

Translators spent a great deal of the morning taking pictures and doing translations of workshop materials and protocols.

The workshop was a great success.  There were 12 Tias, Mercedes the Latacunga FHC supervsior, and Paula in attendance.  We had two hours to get through Behavior/SLP, OT, PT, Music Therapy, Development, and Education and we finished under time while still being thorough.  Katie covered behavior and the language handouts that she brought.  She also taught everyone how to get any size child or adult to stand up by using the “two finger method (which is actually four fingers total).”  Megan and Barbara covered rolling back to tummy with babies, use of the peanut ball, sensory stimulus (including brushing and deep pressure), and ranging hands.  Pam covered seating, transfers, and floor time.  Bessie covered suggestions on how to incorporate music and how to use the instruments being donated in different ways.  Angie discussed stages of development. Kris came at the end to provide a recap, encourage the Tias for all they are doing, and discussed encouraging independence, working on functional/life skills, transitions, and inclusion.  The Tias all loved the training and appreciated the level of detail that was precise.





You will notice that Lindsey, Bessie, and Harvey are all functioning with smiles and feeling much better.  Harvey toughed through wheelchair adjustments and modeling movements while translating as if nothing ever happened.  We were happy to have the full team together today.