Today was our final morning at For His Children.  Pam finished up one more wheelchair reconfiguration and adjusted feeding chairs to be more effective for the younger children.  Megan and Barbara posted the Steps to Rolling and Floor Time visuals in the baby rooms and assembled a floor time mat.  Harvey, Michaell, and Noelia finished translated the PT reports.  Our translators were rockstars as always and worked very hard even through injury and nausea. Final PT reports were printed in English and Spanish.  Katie, Bessie, and Kris hung up activity suggestion cards for both older kids and younger kids to be used by the Tias and future volunteers.  The children were excited to see their pictures up on the wall.   For His Children was presented with three binders: one with PT reports, one with OT baseline information and suggestions, and the BRIGHT Resource Binder which included information from physical therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, infant massage, mental health and diagnoses, cerebral palsy, behavior, and education.  While we were finishing up the Tias did face painting and one of the individuals dressed as Barney. The team said their goodbyes through tears and smiles.  The children touched our hearts and proved all that the head Physical Therapist said they could not do and will continue to do so for those who believe in them.

Upon departure from For His Children, we dropped our cook for the week off at the bus station to head to visit her brother.  We were blessed with wonderful food all week and we were sad to say goodbye to her.  Our team made a trip to Mitad del Mundo, the middle of the world.  We went on a tour of the equator museum.  We learned some interesting information and had fun as a team.  The bus then took the US part of our group to our hotel.  There were many tears as we said goodbye to our wonderful translators and our wonderful host, Nathy.

Our team has greatly appreciated your support and prayers throughout the preparation and duration of this trip.  Our team is headed off for an excursion for the next few days before heading home on Monday.  The team has earned some down time and have chosen to extend the trip with personal funds for some cultural experiences.  We will travel home to the US early Monday morning.