Since today is Sunday, the tias and children got a break from us crazy therapists and we got to see some wonderful Ecuadorian landscape. We were in a town called Baños, known for waterfalls, trolls, and sugarcane. We took a four-ish hour double decker bus tour to see various waterfalls (and get wet from said waterfalls), participate in some adventure sports like zip lining or a glass bottom suspension bridge, a cable car ride over the river ravine, and a hike down (and then back up) a mountain to see the base of a very large waterfall.

It was finally lunch time. We walked around Baños and visited the historic catholic church, an alley market, an ice cream store and a coffee shop. Then it was back to our own bus to go to the swing at the end of the world. A long drive back to our guest house ended in a yummy soup and some very tired, but happy team members.