Today was quite the day. The team was picked up from the hotel by Dzevida (the lady who runs the therapy center) and taken to the school. We spent about an hour talking with the preschool teachers who have students with special needs fully included in their program and are struggling with some of the behaviors that come along with Autism. Parents then arrived at the school for a training run by the four therapists. Amy talked about music therapy and how parents can engage their children at home with music, while Katie addressed that “all communication is behavior, and most behaviors are communication.” Jenny talked about body awareness and Ronit finished off the three hour presentation with how individuals process sensory information, and how we can assist children on the spectrum to remain regulated throughout their day.

We ate a very late lunch at a local pizzeria, then some took a very long walk to a beautiful park in Sarajevo. Gali and Ronit hit the waterpark located next to the hotel for some cooling off and everyone has found today to be fulfilling, yet exhausting. Tomorrow is our free day in Sarajevo and the possibilities are endless. We are all praying for a good night’s sleep and refreshed selves for tomorrow.