Whew! We are in the home stretch. Amy currently has 4 therapists in her hotel room, two on her bed, brainstorming on what information needs to be printed, translated, and left for the staff at the therapy center. It will be a late evening, and a crunch day tomorrow, but if anyone can do it, it’s this team! Today started early for Jenny, Ronit, Gali, and Ediba, who headed over to work with Asja. Jenny discovered that Asja calms and organizes herself well after rolling on her stomach on the yoga ball, and Ronit assisted with self-feeding.

Amy and Katie joined the rest of the team a few hours later, when Amy ran a circle time with the staff as a means of modeling and teaching the multiple learning opportunities that could be addressed in just 15 minutes and 5 songs. The staff were welcome to the suggestions, and implemented some of them immediately!

Jenny, with the help of Ronit, implemented gross motor activities today including scooter boards, the tunnel, the swing, jumping on poly dots, and the balance beam.

Katie worked at the PECS station today, and got a few kids to travel with their icon to request an extremely reinforcing light up toy.

Tomorrow we wrap up loose ends, tie a ribbon around the top, and hopefully hand over a package that will forever impact the lives of the children who attend Dzevida’s therapy center. It has truly been a positive experience for all involved.