Today had great things and not so great things.  Bessie was sick all night long so opted to stay in bed for the day to get rest and not expose anyone else.  Lindsey ended the day with the same issues.  Please pray for healing for both.  The rest of the team had a productive day.

Katie spent time evaluating a few kids for speech and then spent the afternoon taking data on behaviors.  She talked to the Tias about behaviors and will provide recommendations based on the data and her observations. She also tried to observe feeding of one individual but she refused to let Katie watch her.  She also took some pics so we don’t have any pics of her on the other side of the camera.

Angie and Lindsey spent time in the morning training one of the Tias on infant massage and the Tia and the babies loved the time.   She helped Kris with educational evaluations in the afternoon.  Angie got the opportunity to help our cook, Maria, with making the empanadas for lunch.

Kris spent some time sitting in with the Megan and Barbara with OT.  She then did bubble activities with the kids as the weather was beautiful today.  The kids and the Tias absolutely loved the bubbles and there was much laughing and fun had by all. The responses of some of the less engaged individuals was wonderful to see. She also finished up some educational evals.

Pam was able to spend time with the FHC brand new PT, Paula, who started last week.  Paula was open to suggestions and in improving what FHC already has.  Pam completed four more assessments and started planning changes to chairs for better position.  She enjoyed seeing two individuals who spent much of their time in their chairs being free on the floor and seeing some good mobility.

Megan and Barbara were able to complete several assessments.  The ages are a bigger range than what the OTs are used to but they enjoyed the challenge.  One of the older residents (21) questioned everything that she was being asked to do and greatly disliked the Senor Boca.

Noelia, Harvey, and Michaell continue to be fabulous translators and a blessing to our team.  They are working hard and are greatly appreciated.  They are enjoying learning about the different therapies that they are helping with and also seeing that children with special needs have many more skills and understanding.