Thursday was a VERY long day of travel, where we finally arrived in Quito at 3:00am this morning.

Our day started with the entire team being united, 3 translators from Nicaragua and 8 from the United States.  We traveled to Latacunga from Quito to arrive at For His Children.  The team got to get a tour of the facility.  The Tias (care providers) and the children gave us a welcome party with dancing, music, and making of hamburgers with the children.

For His Children has a great facility in Latacunga that is clean and has lots of tools, including 3D visuals to identify rooms at the accessible level for the children and well-stocked physical therapy room which also offered musical instruments and sensory equipment that will be useful for occupational therapy.  The Tias show a genuine love for the children they care for as evidenced by them staying up late to prepare food when children are asleep so that they can spend more time with the children and the genuine smiles from both children and Tias.  For His Children has already expressed receptiveness of input on ways to improve and excitement to have us and the resources and training we will share.

Tomorrow, the team will begin assessments of children, meeting with the current physical therapists, and activities for the children.

Please pray for the team as we adjust to the high altitude (9100ft) and recover from little sleep for two nights.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.