This morning began with a start when team members were awoken by the translators saying that Harvey fell in the shower.  When he fell, he fell and hit his rib and heard a snap.  The ambulance came quickly and the hospital was quick, amazing, and respectful.  Harvey and Michaell said that the experience was much better than their experiences in Nicaragua.  Harvey was given lots of pain meds via shot, IV, and meds to bring home.  He rested for the day with much push from the “Jefa”.  Thankfully, Harvey has no fractures.

Besides the traumatic start, the day went well and was productive.  Everyone enjoyed the nice weather.

Megan and Barbara completed 24 assessments in the last 2.5 days with the assistance of Noelia, Angie, Michaell.  They are working on their written reports and recommendations.  Today some highlights from OT were kicking the soccer ball with L and J understanding placing begs with one model despite his visual impairment.

Pam completed all of her assessments with the assistance of Harvey and Noelia.  She also worked with Paula, the FHC PT, who continues to be very receptive to suggestions. Pam was also excited to see J, one of the children with visual impairments navigate the play yard independently to go visit the llama.

Angie had the opportunity to do infant massage training with one of the young one’s mom who visits often.  This was an unexpected opportunity. She also did some additional infant massage training with some of the other Tias.  Angie also helped Kris with an art project with the older children and assisted Barbara and Megan when short on translators.

Kris did an art project with the older kids.  Everyone loved the activity and worked hard to complete their individual projects.  In the afternoon, she spent time with Bessie doing some academics with music and then played with the children as the weather was beautiful in the afternoon.

Bessie did a music group with the babies and toddlers in the morning which wiped her out.  She did a 1:1 with a five year old with Kris to work on number recognition.  She then spent time with the children outside in the afternoon.

Katie spent time with the FHC SLP, Hector, and discussed his treatment plans and the donations that we provided.  She discussed his concerns about feeding and made some suggestions on some adaptations.  She spent the rest of the day wearing Lindsey’s hat as photographer and hanging out with the kids. She also worked with A with the newly installed 3-D tactile guide on the wall.  It had been installed downstairs and we recommended on Saturday that it be added upstairs for the two individuals with visual impairments there.  She also helped with doing a wheelchair train.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are healing and feeling better.