10. Europe does not change their clocks at the same time as the USA, so it was only a 6 hour difference from EST and not 7… whoops…

9. Sunny Beach is not actually a sunny beach.

8. What a cockroach looks like…GROSS!

7. Yes is no and no is yes. Bulgarians bobble their head from side to side when agreeing or saying yes, and nod their heads firmly when communicating ‘no.’ Very confusing…

6. If that’s not bad enough, a B is a V, a P is an R, an X is an H, and an H is an N.

5. When at a traditional Bulgarian Restaurant, leave by 10pm, unless you want people to dance on your table.

4. The music played in public places is all American pop music, which was great for me, except when you’re singing in the taxi and the cab driver turns down the radio, you are listening to “La Bamba” in an Irish Pub, or you hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” in March.

3. I am a very good driver. For those of you who would like to refute that statement, bite your tongue. I will take you Bulgaria and we’ll see if you survive to change your mind.

2. If someone offers you a beverage- take it. If you don’t (I don’t know who would do such a thing) you might possibly end up with three beverages in front of you instead of zero. JUST TAKE THE DRINK.

1. Gathering drums are a hit with kids no matter where you are in the world. :)