Today’s presentations were a success in our book. Two trainings were provided (same presentation twice) to the foster moms, nannies, directors, etc. from Hope of Life. We spoke to 35 attendees in the morning, and 15 in the afternoon. They fully participated, asked great questions, and were incredibly grateful for the resources and donations they received.

The baby rescue that Trisha and Abby participated in was incredibly impactful. They haven’t given much detail as they are still processing, but the little girl was 22 months, hadn’t had water or food in 3 days, and almost died in Trisha’s arms. She was in such a state of malnutrition that they weren’t even able to get her back to Hope of Life, but took her to a hospital that could get an IV started. The doctors don’t understand how she is still alive. Pray for this little one and her family!

The Taylor girls were a big help today in relieving nannies so they could attend the training. Kudos to them! We had at least 90% of the team cry during our debriefing meeting tonight, so I call it a successful trip overall. We are now packing and getting ready for a 7am bus ride to the airport. See you stateside! Much love to all of our financial supporters and prayer warriors. We couldn’t have done it without you! You keep us, and others, alive- both figuratively and literally. Muchos gracias amigos!