Let’s be honest. By Thursday, team members are exhausted, translators are exhausted, and the children are exhausted. We have given our all, and the children have worked HARD the last few days. Today was a day to keep the momentum and progress going from yesterday.

Kimberly, the aqua therapist, was able to see some children three times this week. A highlight from today was having a teenage boy walk independently from the pool back to the bus- approximately 20 yards! At the beginning of the week, he was only walking with assistance.

PT’s continued to encourage mobility, and OT’s trained the resident therapist on everything there was to do at Kelly’s House.

The parents at the nutrition center enjoyed a mommy and me music group lead by Bessie, a language training from Lorena, adult massage from Angie, and a bible study from Jim. The social worker was able to get into the school to observe some kiddos in their class- this was eye opening to her. She communicated to the parents about her observations to hopefully ignite some positive changes. The SLP consulted with the Special Educator today, helping to problem solve and strategize some ways to assist special learners.

Abby and Trisha have been selected to go on a baby rescue mission tomorrow (which is incredible). They will be gone from approximately 8am to 1pm. They will be traveling to a village where a child has been identified as critically malnourished, and transporting them back to Hope of Life in the ambulance. Please pray for them and the child.

Training tomorrow for all staff at Hope of Life! We’re finishing strong!