Today was a busy day for the team.  We divided and conquered to begin assessing in the morning.

Pam and Harvey assessed three children and took notes to produce a report for each individual that will create goals and recommendations.

Barbara, Megan, and Noelia did assessments on four individuals all of whom were very responsive and all smiles by the time their time was done.  One excitedly responded with, “I am doing my therapy time!”

Angie and Kris provided an opportunity for the older children to find sensory items in slime, playing with floam, and drawing with chalk on construction paper.  With the younger children, they made masks and tiaras and helped with snack time.


Katie, Bessie, and Michaell did two music time with the younger kids and the drum and the farm song were hits.  The older kids loved the large parachute, strumming the guitar, and playing the large drum.  The Tias in both areas were very involved, singing the songs, giving the children a chance to try to participate independently, and then helping as needed.  Katie also did some general observations and talked to the Tias regarding behavioral concerns.

During some downtime, some team members visited For His Children Latacunga’s mascot “Seymour”.  The slogan for visiting teams is “A Llamazing Experience”.

The afternoon was spent organizing the donations by specialty and providing an inventory.  The team also spent a couple of hours with the head Physical Therapist (Juan Carlos) and the new Physical Therapist (Paula) going over information for all of the children that helped guide the team in their plans for recommendations and activities for the rest of the week.

Highlights of the team today include the positive responses of the children to the activities we offered, the amount of involvement and love the Tias have with the children, the interactions with the children, the completion of some assessments, the delicious meals that our cook has provided, experiencing different disabilities for the first time, and working with various team members.