Happy Tuesday! It rained here in Lima today, and we were able to take a stroll in the drizzle, as we walked to and from the orphanage to save on transportation costs. Today’s therapy felt a bit like the weather, slow and steady. Our PT worked on demonstrating and testing the hoyer lift, first with Majesca (our MT) and then a handful of the residents. She also helped set up and adapt Moises’ motorized wheelchair in hopes that he will be able to use it in the community.

Katie spent a good deal of her time working on feeding instructions and feeding pumps. She was able to test out one of the pumps with water on Sebastian and verify that it was working (which it was!).

Majesca, after riding the hoyer lift, implemented academic based MT with Sebastian to work on color recognition and a few other concepts. In the afternoon she co-treated with Amy to work on stimulating and engaging Carlos, which was quite successful!

Amy spent her morning at the hardware store picking up the “things to buy” list. Trisha was able to talk with Padre Martinho’s PT about some of the equipment and resources available to her that we pulled together. She worked with the 9 month old baby, and helped organize the feeding supplies into bins for Hermano Juan. Melissa helped photograph parts of the hoyer lift for an instruction manual and more positioning for some of the kids. Highlights included the working hoyer lift and feeding pump, & getting more positive responses from the kids, like this sweet face I’ll leave you with for the evening.