Today has been quite a busy day! Everyone is starting to feel the exhaustion kick in and most are itchy from the bug bites. But we continue by the grace of God to make progress. This morning the Kelly’s House team finished their assessments with the children and were able to take a child on the playground to watch him motor plan movements he’s never before completed.

They spent their afternoon assessing around ten babies at the Nutrition Center that were either showing motor delays or speech & language issues.

Bessie, Abby, & Jordan were able to get kids in the brand new play room! The children LOVED it, and played and participated in music.

The mild/moderate team spent the morning in the Special Education classroom with the teacher and her students observing and interacting with the kids, as well as participating in their exercise routines.

Their afternoon was spent with the same teacher in her tutoring session with both students from the special education class as well as the general education school. The last hour was spent brainstorming and sharing ideas with each other as to how to inspire growth in these children. We have Jim currently leading a bible study for the dad’s of the Village of Transformation & Safe Haven, and we are preparing to evacuate our accommodations for bug fumigation. Praying for a few less bites. We’ll check in tomorrow!