The week is winding down and closure is beginning. The Kelly’s House team helped organized the physical therapy room to make it easier for the Kelly’s House PT to do her job. Bekki created c-splints (tools to keep ones hand open) for all the residents. Katie and Marci assessed the older kids and created academic goals that future volunteers can implement. Pam continued her Hoyer Life training and adjusted more wheelchairs and walkers as the children have grown since last year.

The Safe Haven team divided and concurred the mountain today. Amy began her morning in a meeting with Phil, a house father, giving him reading strategies and advice for continued education in his home. She then went to Kelly’s House to work on academic skills with a teenager there with Muscular Dystrophy. Jim had a meeting with a house dad this morning as a means of encouragement, and the rest of the team went to see a house mom to follow up with one of her children.

In the afternoon, the entire team went to Safe Haven Village to assist with after-school tutoring, and then had a parent meeting to follow up on speech, OT and behavior for their child with Autism. Abby went to the toy room this morning to play, then ran VBS at the hospital, and then went to Kelly’s House to assist in organizing. Bessie started her day with a little girl with Autism and then pulled Brook and Megan for collaboration.


She then went to the hospital to run a mommy-and-me music group, and then went to Kelly’s House to review the alphabet with a resident. Jordan helped assemble wheelchairs, and intentionally interacted with two boys at Kelly’s House. We’ve got one more day to finish up our goals before we pack it up and move it out. Check back in tomorrow for our final edition of Guatemala 2016!