Wednesday proved to be another successfully exhausting day.


The mild/moderate team was able to meet with four families in the village of transformation to discuss the progress and concerns of their adopted children. All of these families were ones that had concerns last year, and it was amazing to see the amount of positive change these children have made in a year. Kimberly and Harvey were able to get every child at Kelly’s House in the pool today for water therapy. Kelly’s House and the Elderly Home received training on how to use the Hoyer lifts we provided to them. They were incredibly thankful and excited to learn.


Our physical therapist also adjusted wheelchairs today.


Bessie did music at the preschool and with the moms and babies at the hospital. She also visited a few kids at Kelly’s House. Abby continued to train the nannies on how to play with the toddlers in the playroom, and she reported that they have already started interacting and playing with the children. Jordan lead a biblical discussion at the elderly home, and he was so encouraged at their spirits and willingness to share. The evening ended with a fiesta and some major dance parties. We will continue to divide and conquer through Thursday!