The team members were able to get started at their work today in their respective areas. Everyone was excited to begin working and is looking forward to seeing what the week has to offer. The Kelly’s House team was able to begin multidisciplinary assessments with kids with moderate to severe disabilities. Bekki was able to help with feeding and was able to get a girl to independently grasp an adaptive feeding utensil. Marcie identified reinforced and academic skills that can be addressed for each child. Katie completed oral motor stimulation and helped with feeding. She also checked visual tracking for choice making, as this is a part of communication. Kimberly and Harvey were able to get four kids in the water today, and will continue to work her magic in the pool. Pam and Caitlin looked at motor skills like rolling, sitting, standing, and also trained Kelly’s House’s personal physical therapist on handling children.


Safe Haven was such an encouraging experience. The interdisciplinary team consisting of Jim, Tina, Linda, Amy, Megan, Brook, and our translator Michaell, listened to the progress that the children have made since last year, and gave some basic advice on current issues. Linda began an assessment with a teenagers with Autism.


Bessie, Abby, Jordan and Noelia showed up to set up the play room to find a room that was current storage. SO the morning was spent moving beds and mattresses, painting, moping, and sorting previously donated toys. The final project is looking awesome! What do you think? (A HUGE shout out to Isobelle, our photographer!)