Today was our last day working with the children in Quito.

Melissa, Amy and Bessie were able to co-treat with a girl whose speech is very difficult for familiar listeners, to see if a core board might aid in her ability to be understood. Bessie and Amy provided highly motivational music and Melissa observed, modeled, and engaged her in a language rich environment.

Bessie lead one additional music group, Amy had a consult with the teacher who works with the two oldest students with disabilities, and Melissa was able to completed one additional evaluation and feeding consult before lunch.

Kimberly spent her morning in the pool instructing Noelia on how to teach water therapy. She also got one scared tia in the pool, and Noelia was successful in teaching her to float. A little girl, who previously cried and cried and wasn’t able to participate got in the water with Kimberly today and had a great session. She even blew kisses to Kimberly at the end.


Suzie and Jennifer spent the morning completing a few different tasks, including training a tia on how to put a baby with hip dysplasia in different positions, like her tummy. They also fitted a few kiddos for foot and arch supports, better shoes for ankle support, and worked on calf stretches for balance and toe walking.

After lunch, the team was able to go to the equator and have a guided tour featuring information about the Amazon rainforest, the indigenous people groups, and all of the interesting facts about the uniqueness of the equator. For example, water does not swirl on the equator, swirls clockwise in the southern hemisphere, and counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere. The magnetic pull changes how our bodies respond, and one can balance an egg on a nail!

It was a quick trip as the team had to return to For His Children to do a presentation for the available therapists and tias. Bessie, Jennifer, Melissa and Kimberly gave some basic information about their areas of expertise and how it can apply to all of the children living here in Quito.


We’re sad that our time in Quito is over already. We head to Latacunga tomorrow to meet a whole new group of kiddos!

Bessie says “Look at the egg I balanced at the Equator!”