Friday was chaos. Sometimes, language barriers make for interesting communication. The team was getting close to exhaustion, and 150 students were needing our attention.

The nine team members (Cori not included) set up their own station and the nine groups of children (two preschool classrooms and one classroom for k-6th grade) rotated through them every 15 minutes. Stations included a 20 foot parachute, a fine motor relay, planking competition, relay races, dodgeball, music, a self-esteem team building exercise, “Simon Says,” and jump ropes.

After lunch, Ronit, Amy and Angie gave a teacher presentation on sensory activities, implementing a reading program, and behavior modification techniques. This was followed by a parent training for over 30 parents. This is a fairly good sized group, as we had a torrential downpour over lunch, with flooded roads. When it rains like this, parents typically don’t leave their house. Some of these families live in mud huts, and the house needs to be monitored, and the roads are a mud puddle. Ronit talked with the parents about some sensory exercises they can do with their hyperactive children, and Angie talked about positive communication and self-esteem.

We were treated to Pizza Hut last night, as rice and beans seemed like the less inviting option, and spent the evening packing up those suitcases! The internet is being fickle, which means I can’t add photos to this post as of yet, but watch our Facebook page for them soon!