Our morning at Tesoros de Dios was spent presenting to the staff (teachers, therapists, and administration) on each discipline. We started with Amy, who gave a presentation on implementing a reading program. Next was PT Pam. She gave a presentation on Cerebral Palsy and how the staff can talk to the parents of children with CP to create realistic goals. She then did an interactive transfer training (moving a body from one area to the other). We’ve been amazed watching these petit women carrying their full-grown children. The staff was trained, so they can then train the parents in proper carrying techniques to avoid injuring themselves.

Angie talked about ABA (applied behavior analysis) techniques and Autism, using a DVD powerpoint. She also talked about early childhood development (ECD), and the stages of development. She provided printed resources on ECD ages two months to five years that listed typical development, and interventions to implement if a child has not reached a specific milestone. (Trisha let Angie do all the talking). Bessie presented on music therapy, including two interactive musical examples with the staff. Lastly, Ronit the OT talked about sensory processing disorder, including demonstrations with the staff simulating how a child with sensory issues might feel. She also gave examples of how to assist these children who are either under-stimulated or overstimulated, like swinging, deep pressure, chewy tubes, and wheel barrow races.

Abby was our time keeper and kept us on track. We then spent 45 minutes presenting and explaining the plethora of donations, lead by Trisha. Thanks to all the people who contributed to this trip so we could bless this location with an abundance of gifts and supplies. After lunch, we spent time working with the students we had evaluated on Tuesday to help implement some of the suggestions from the morning’s presentation. Other team members saw new children that needed some intervention. At the end of the day, the staff at Tesoros gathered with us, thanked us, gave us a small gift, and prayed over us. There was also some visiting with the resident monkey, Jorge.