All of today was spent at New Life with lots of therapy, rotating children, and staff training. We began by dividing the children into three groups by age. The babies (8 months and younger) and their staff went with Ronit, Trisha, and Angie to learn infant massage techniques. The five and six year olds did an hour of music therapy with Bessie and Amy, and the six toddlers were with the teenagers hanging out. Rotations happened once before we went to lunch.

After lunch, the music therapists saw the three babies, Pam observed half of the toddlers, and Trisha and Ronit saw the other half. Lorena, our SLP, pulled kids for one-on-one assessments throughout the day. The rest of the afternoon was spent talking with the director of the orphanage. The therapists were able to communicate their findings, suggestions, and demonstrate how to use donated equipment. The director and staff were very receptive to all of this, which is wonderful!

Below are some photos of the therapists hard at work.