We spent our second day at Colegio Cristiano Havila. We saw the preschoolers this morning for 30 minutes because of a break that they have in the middle of their morning. Four preschoolers were with the MT’s and four were with the rec therapist and the SLP. We then switched groups for the next half hour. After an hour break, we split the first graders up into one group of four and one group of five, and rotated them after an hour. The first group of first graders was very shy in music and needed a lot of encouragement to come out of their shell. The second group was crazy, and had ZERO impulse control. They finally calmed down after a song called “Crocodile Shop” which involved rhythm sticks and a steady beat. The repetition helped to regulate them, which then allowed us to actually work with them and maintain our sanity. The rec therapist and the SLP did many of the same activities as yesterday, including planking, bouncing on the exercise ball, beading, playing “headband,” having children follow directions, and describing picture cards. After a wonderful lunch, we tackled the sixth graders. There were only seven of them, so we had one group of three and one group of four. They were very well behaved and (most) were receptive to what we had planned. The most interesting observation made of this group was poor midline meeting. The rec therapist discovered that these students had NEVER completed a puzzle before, and so she had the opportunity to introduce something new to them. At 3PM this afternoon, we had a training and informational meeting with all of the teachers and the director of the school. Everyone was able to share a little bit about what they did with the kids, how the teachers can implement some of these strategies in their classroom, and presented donations to the school. They were all very receptive to us and thanked us for being there. We were equally as grateful, because (as I reminded them) our purpose is meaningless if what we started with these kids is not continued once we leave. Tomorrow we get to hang out with babies, which makes all of us excited! Catch ya tomorrow! Here are some photos from today: