Because schools and institutions do not have students/visitors on the weekends, we have had some down time these past two days. We spent time on Saturday meeting new people and visiting with other Americans in Nicaragua. Yesterday, we met a missionary family from Florida that moved here about 5 weeks ago and is helping to build homes in the area. They hope to bring down families to share in the mission field and enjoy the beauty of the Nicaraguan coast. They have five children they are homeschooling, ages 13, 10, 6, 3 and 10 months. We met a retired nurse that takes time to enjoy the sunset every evening. We met the man that created the educational curriculum for the state of California in the 1960’s. We ran into a man with hearing impairments that told us about a deaf school in Managua that had made international news.

Today, we traveled from Limon 2 (dos) to Los Cedros, Nicaragua (about a four hour drive). An ex-marine named Brian who moved to Nicaragua for the awesome waves to surf drove us. It was a pleasure getting to know about him and his story. We arrived at the Buzbee’s compound around 2 pm and spent some time swimming.

Someone also made a new friend.

We are looking forward to the week ahead and the interactions we will experience with some odd 700 children. :)