Today we went to a second school entitled Colegio Cristiano Havilah. We learned that the word “havilah” is from Genesis 2:11-12. Havilah is a place in the garden of Eden where gold and jewels are found. This is representative of how the children at this school are viewed; as precious jewels. The younger children attend school in the morning (Preschool- 3rd grade), while the older children attend in the afternoon (4th-6th grade). The director of the school had targeted children listed before we arrived, and discussed what types of issues these students were experiencing, including social/emotional and behavior issues. We were able to spend an hour with each group seen today.

In the morning, the music therapists had the second graders, while the rec therapist and the SLP worked with the third graders. We then switched groups. Lunch was at the director’s house (What a sweet lady!). The afternoon included the fourth and fifth graders, rotated after an hour between therapists, like the morning. The music therapists spent the majority of the hour sessions working on impulse control, expression of emotions, taking turns, and following directions. The rec therapist worked on exercises the kids can do to get out some energy to assist in focusing during class, including planking, wheelbarrow races, and bouncing on the exercise ball. She also did some beading and gave chewing tubes to students that need that oral stimulation to focus. The SLP did group work today and discussed some of the student’s favorite things.

Tomorrow, we will see the preschoolers, first graders, and sixth graders. We will also have an hour training for the teachers in the afternoon. Can’t wait to update y’all! This evening was spent talking with one of the missionaries down here about his testimony and life story. Feeling blessed to meet others that are living a life of service for these children.