The plan of action for today was to divide and conquer. We spent time in four different areas of the compound simultaneously.

Kelly’s House, the home for children with special needs, had Bessie the Music Therapist, Michael the PT, along with Caitlin and Abby (assistance), Lorena the SLP, Amy S. the OT, Kimberly the aqua therapist, and Harvey our awesome translator. Angie and Trisha, infant educators, Ronit the SLP, and Pam the PT camped out at the nutrition center. Amy O. the special educator, Megan the OT along with Lindsey, Tina the social worker, Jim the encourager, and Michaell the translator spent time at Safe Haven Village. Ben walked down a mountain with his camera (spent time in each area today).

The therapists at Kelly’s House spent the day assessing and creating rapport with the nannies. The ones working at the nutrition center assessed, talked with interested parents, and had a visionary meeting about how to propel the nutrition center into a better, more therapeutic, facility. There were three families at the Safe Haven Village that were served today.

In the morning, the parents had the opportunity to sit down with the therapists and share their concerns about the emotional, mental, and educational progress of their biological and foster children. The afternoon was spent working with the identified children and educating the parents on ways to help their children. We have a game plan for tomorrow, and are looking forward to continuing what was started today. Check facebook for a few great photos from our photographer.