BRIGHT is excited to be able to resume our work internationally after a two year break! 

BRIGHT will be returning to For His Children in Latacunga, Ecuador to work in the orphanage for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and orthopedic impairments. Our team will provide assessments, training with care providers and professionals, direct work with individuals, and needed equipment and materials. Meet the team here.

WEBSITE: For His Children

We also visited Ecuador in 2018 — you can read through our blog posts from that trip. Below are some photos we took throughout the trip.

A woman in a bright yellow sweater and colorful scarf feeding a bottle to a very young girl.
Two adults taking a childcare training.
A young boy standing with the assistance of 2 therapists and a bright green walking assistive device.
An overhead view of several babies and toddlers drumming together with their hands on a gathering drum.