This was our last day working directly with the children and young adults living in Latacunga. Assessments and trainings took up our morning, and dividing & conquering happened in the afternoon.

Melissa ran 6 assessments this morning (she’s a busy lady!), and co-treated with music therapy in the afternoon.

Kimberly was able to do dry land training with tias and staff in the morning, before getting some new kids in a different (and much warmer) pool in the afternoon. Children with significant contractures were able to relax and open up, shocking the staff in an extremely positive way.

Bessie and Amy ran four assessments this morning and then had a whirlwind afternoon, including running a music group with the younger kids, and experiential music with a young woman as a quality of life session with the resident OT and SLP present. This was wonderfully successful and the resident SLP called it “beautiful.”

Our excellent PT duo worked on many projects today. They ran three morning assessments and a training with the physical therapy staff that translated into a training video for future hires. Their afternoon was filled with wheelchair break downs and building, some minor fitting and some strap adjustments.

At the end of our day we were able to present the donations to their respective areas of expertise and talk a bit about how they can use them to benefit the kids that were assessed.

Today also happened to be Jenny’s birthday! She did some birthday yoga, and got an Ecuadorian celebration with cake, candles, chips, candies, and music! We’re extremely grateful that she chooses to spend many a birthday serving with BRIGHT Children International.

*Photo uploads are not working today so please refer to the facebook page for today’s highlights.