BRIGHT Children International logo. A circle of hands in different warm colors, including orange, yellow, red, green, and brown.

BRIGHT Children International is a non-profit organization that has a passion for children with special needs around the world.  Throughout the planet, there are stigmas associated with children with special needs.  In many countries, children with special needs are abandoned or sent to orphanages.  Birth families who chose to raise their children with special needs do not have governmental supports in many areas of the globe.

BRIGHT Children International is making efforts to educate birth families and orphanage care providers of the potential of their children with special needs.  This includes providing training and education on how to incorporate therapeutic techniques into daily activities to present stimulus and encourage development.

BRIGHT Children International will supply consultative individual and group services from Music Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Educators, and medical personnel.  Each professional will donate equipment and/or materials that families and care providers can utilize based on the consultative services.

BRIGHT Children International will partner with adoption agencies that are familiar with the legitimate orphanages throughout the world and the various governmental issues that are unique to each country.