Hey BRIGHT supporters! It’s Amy here. We had our first work day in Mexico with Eternal Anchor and what a day it was. I started at the school for children with special needs, specifically observing a young man who is blind. The teacher was hoping I could give her some examples of what he can be doing during down time in the classroom. I was then able to lead some music in the “El Capitan” class; the room with the children that have the most severe motor challenges. One little girl in particular LOVED her time in music and was all smiles. Unfortunately, these students must remain off of social media for safety purposes, but you can imagine.

The afternoon was spent doing a music therapy session for students residing with Eternal Anchor and community members. About 30 parents/teachers from the community came to observe what music therapy looks like and how it works. Response was extremely positive, so that was very encouraging for me. Some of the attendees were young adults with disabilities that participate in a small social group with Eternal Anchor. They are the ones I will be spending time with tomorrow!