Nicaragua – June 2014

After learning of the needs in Nicaragua, BRIGHT returned with its largest team to Managua. This team included two music therapists, one recreational therapist, one Physical Therapist, a Physical Therapist Trainee, A Speech/Language Pathologist, a professional photographer, a researcher, a translator/Special needs advocate/retired teacher, and two teens who are along for the ride and excited to love on children.

Our trip began at New Life Nicaragua Orphanage, where we were able to implement therapy with these 20 or so children, and spend a few hours talking to the director about recommendations. All orphanage staff were trained on infant massage as well. The next three days were spent at Tesoros de Dios School. Children with various disabilities attend this school part time (due to the high enrollment numbers) so we were able to work in a variety of ways. They have an early intervention classroom, two Physical Therapists on staff, as well as horse therapy. The school selected children that needed attention in the various areas we addressed (speech, fine motor, gross motor, special education, etc). This was truly a wonderful experience.

Lastly, we partnered with UNIDOS Nicaragua to serve with the poorest of the poor children in Los Cedros, Nicaragua. In the morning, we created a field day with nine different stations working on listening, gross motor exercises, fine motor exercises, impulse control, team work, etc. The afternoon included a presentation to the teachers, and then a second presentation to parents that were interested in learning more. It was an exhausting week, but so rewarding!

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A young boy with a blue shirt and dark hair bites his lip in excitement as he is fitted with a walking device.
A group of caregivers and therapists sitting in a circle on the floor, learning about massage therapeutic techniques that can be used with their children.
A young boy with dark hair a gray and blue striped shirt sits on a wooden chair with a huge smile on his face.
A therapist sitting with a baby on her legs, engaging the baby with toys and music.
A young teenager holding two musical shakers in his hands while a young woman sings and plays an acoustic guitar in the background with a smile on her face.
A boy sits with the assistance of his caregiver at a table, eating.
The BRIGHT Children International music therapist leads a small group of young children in a music therapy experience.
A BRIGHT Children International team member sits with a baby, who is laying on their back looking up at the team member.
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