Guatemala – August 2016

With another 19 team members in tow, BRIGHT Children International returned to Hope of Life International in Zacapa, Guatemala to continue the work they started in 2015. The team was made up of music therapists, a physical therapist, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, special education teachers, a social worker, a parent trainer, a water therapist, teenagers, and a behavior consultant.

Again, one team served at Kelly’s House, a home for orphans with severe disabilities, and the other at Safe Haven Village/The Village of Transformation, family style orphan care, where 10-12 children live with foster parents in homes.

Due to some very gracious donors, two Hoyer lifts were donated, transported, and assembled at Hope of Life. Our PT trained all of the staff at Kelly’s House and the Elderly home on how to properly use the equipment, and gave out certificates of completion.

A playroom was created, filled, and used to its maximum capacity through the care of BRIGHT. Nannies of toddlers who are too young to go to school were shown how to play, interact with, and encourage imaginative play in the playroom. The team felt their work was ‘done’ and decided on a new adventure for 2017.

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A baby with a clef lip and palate lays on a bouncing seat.
A group of children, therapists, and caregivers stand in a circle, holding hands.
An aquatic therapist holds onto a young child as they move through a pool together.
A young toddler with dark hair playing with a red soccer ball.
A playroom with a variety of building blocks, chairs, toys, and a tunnel.

The brand new PLAYROOM!